Important Schedule Alerts


Below are the latests schedule alerts that have been received by TSQ Solutions.


Alert ID Date of Alert Title Document name Vendors Affected
3544  Apr-20-2018  Revised April-May 2018 MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK APR-MAY 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3543  Apr-20-2018  Free Preview for MLSDK Schedule  MLS update 4-19-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3542  Apr-18-2018  MLB April-May 2018 Schedule  MLB APR-MAY 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3540  Apr-18-2018  MLB Extra Innings 4-18-2018  MLB update 4-18-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3539  Apr-11-2018  April 2018 MLBXI Schedule   MLB APRIL 2018 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3538  Apr-11-2018  MLB Extra Innings 4-11-2018  MLB update 4-9-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3537  Apr-11-2018  April 2018 Update for Event TV  PPV UPDATE FOR APRIL 2018 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3536  Apr-09-2018  MLBXI Schedule for April 2018  MLB APRIL 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3535  Apr-09-2018  MLB Extra Innings 4-7-2018  MLB update 4-7-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3534  Apr-09-2018  iND Guide Change only for April 2018  iND April 2018 Guide Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3533  Apr-06-2018  Updates to the April 2018 Schedule  iND April 2018 Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3532  Apr-04-2018  PPV Online Rate Card System Info  Rate Card System18.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3531  Apr-03-2018  April 2018 Update for HD PPV2  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2018 HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3530  Apr-03-2018  April 2018 Update for PPV 2  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2018 for PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3529  Apr-03-2018  April 2018 Update for Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2018 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3528  Apr-03-2018  April 2018 Update for Event TV  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2018 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3527  Mar-30-2018  MLSDK March-April 2018 Schedule  MLS Direct Kick MAR-APR Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3526  Mar-30-2018  MLS Direct Kick Schedule 3-30-2018  MLS update 3-29-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3525  Mar-26-2018  Schedule for MLBXI first 2 weeks  MLB first 2 Weeks Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3524  Mar-26-2018  MLBXI 2018 Restrictions and Blockout info  MLB Extra Innings Blackouts 2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3523  Mar-22-2018  NBA Schedule for March-April 2018  NBALP MAR-APR 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3522  Mar-22-2018  NBA League Pass 3-21-2018  NBA update 3-21-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3521  Mar-16-2018  March-April 2018 MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK MAR-APR 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3520  Mar-16-2018  2018 Restrictions and Blockout Information  MLSDK Blackouts 2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3519  Mar-16-2018  March-April 2018 NBALP Schedule  NBA MAR-APR 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3518  Mar-16-2018  NBA League Pass 3-15-2018  NBA update 3-15-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3517  Mar-16-2018  NHL Center Ice Schedule for March 2018  NHL Center Ice Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3516  Mar-16-2018  NHL Center Ice 3-15-2018  NHL update 3-15-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3515  Mar-12-2018  Updates to the March 2018 Schedule  iNDemand March 2018 Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3514  Mar-09-2018  MLS Direct Kick Free Preview  MLSDK Free Preview.pdf  iNDemand 
3513  Mar-09-2018  MLS Direct Kick Schedule 3-9-2018  MLS update 03-08-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3512  Mar-09-2018  Revised March 2018 NHLCI Schedule  NHL Center Ice MARCH Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3511  Mar-09-2018  NHL Center Ice 3-8-2018  NHL update 03-08-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3510  Mar-09-2018  March 2018 update for Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE MARCH 2018 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3509  Mar-09-2018  March 2018 update for Event TV  PPV UPDATE MARCH 2018 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3508  Mar-05-2018  NHL Center Ice March Schedule  NHL MARCH Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3507  Mar-05-2018  NHL Center Ice 3-1-2018  NHL update 03-01-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3506  Mar-01-2018  Free Preview for MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK Free Preview Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3505  Feb-27-2018  Daylight Saving Time Change  Spring Forward 2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3504  Feb-22-2018  Update to the March 2018 Schedule  02 22 2018 March Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3503  Feb-16-2018  NHL Schedule for Feb-Mar 2018  NHL FEB-MAR 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3502  Feb-09-2018  Revised February 2018 NHLCI Schedule  NHLCI FEBRUARY 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3501  Feb-09-2018  NHL Center Ice 2-8-2018  NHL update 2-8-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3500  Feb-07-2018  NBALP Schedule for February   NBA FEBRUARY 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3499  Feb-07-2018  NBA League Pass Schedule for February   NBA UPDATE 2-6-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3498  Feb-01-2018  Revised Jan-Feb 2018 Schedule for NBALP   NBA JAN-FEB 2018 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3497  Feb-01-2018  NBA League Pass Schedule for 2018  NBA update 1-31-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3496  Jan-25-2018  Revised January-February 2018 Schedule  NHLCI JAN-FEB Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3495  Jan-26-2018  NHL Center Ice 1-25-2018  NHL Center Ice update 1-25-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3494  Jan-19-2018  NBA League Pass for Jan-Feb Schedule  NBA JAN-FEB 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3493  Jan-19-2018  NHL Center Ice Schedule for Jan-Feb 2018  NHL JAN-FEB 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3492  Jan-05-2018  Revised January 2018 NHLCI Schedule  NHL JANUARY 2018 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3491  Jan-05-2018  NHL Center Ice 1-4-2018  NHL update 01-04-2018.pdf  iNDemand 
3490  Dec-08-2017  NHL Center Ice 12-07-2017  NHL update 12-07-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3489  Dec-08-2017  NBALP Schedule for December 2017  NBA DECEMBER 2017 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3488  Dec-08-2017  Preseason Sched NBA League Pass 12-1-2017  NBA update 12-1-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3487  Dec-01-2017  NHL Center Ice for Nov-Dec 2017 Schedule  NHL NOV-DEC 2017 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3486  Dec-01-2017  NHL Center Ice has been Revised  NHL update 11-30-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3485  Nov-27-2017  Updates to the December 2017 Scheduled  December 2017 Guide Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3484  Nov-20-2017  NBALP Schedule for Nov-Dec 2017  NBA NOV-DEC 11-17-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3483  Nov-16-2017  NHL Center Ice for Nov-Dec Schedule  NHL NOV-DEC 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3482  Nov-16-2017  NHL Center Ice 11-16-2017  NHL update 11-16-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3481  Nov-03-2017  November 2017 NBA League Pass Schedule  NBA NOVEMBER 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3480  Nov-03-2017  NBA League Pass 11-3-2017  NBA update 11-3-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3479  Nov-02-2017  November 2017 NHL Center Ice Schedule  NHL NOVEMBER 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3478  Nov-03-2017  NHL Center Ice 11-2-2017  NHL update 11-2-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3477  Oct-30-2017  Standard Time Change for November 2017  Fall Back 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3476  Oct-30-2017  NHL Center Ice for Oct-Nov 2017 Schedule  NHL OCT-NOV 2017 Sched.pdf  iNDemand 
3475  Oct-30-2017  NHL Center Ice 10-26-2017  NHL update 10-26-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3474  Oct-30-2017  2018 Notice Change in UFC SRP  Courtesy Notice 2018 Change in UFC SRP.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3473  Oct-20-2017  NBALP for October-November 2017  NBA OCT-NOV 2017 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3472  Oct-20-2017  NBA League Pass 10-20-2017  NBA update 10-20-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3471  Oct-19-2017  MLSDK October Schedule   MLSDK OCTOBER 2017 Sched.pdf  iNDemand 
3470  Oct-19-2017  NBA League Pass for Oct-Nov 2017  NBA OCT-NOV 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3469  Oct-19-2017  NHL Center Ice Schedule for Oct-Nov  NHL OCT-NOV 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3468  Oct-03-2017  Rate Card Announcement  Rate Card System1.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3467  Oct-03-2017  NBALP Preseason Schedule  NBA PreSeason 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3466  Oct-03-2017  NBA League Pass 9-29-2017  NBA update 9-29-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3465  Sep-28-2017  iND October 2017 Changes  9-27-2017 October Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3464  Sep-28-2017  iND Second simulcast information   Second simulcast period begins Monday.pdf  iNDemand 
3463  Sep-28-2017  Sept-Oct 2017 MLBXI Schedule  MLB SEPT-OCTOBER SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3462  Sep-28-2017  MLB Extra Innings 9-27-2017  MLB update 9-27-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3461  Sep-26-2017  Sept 2017 Event TV HD Update  PPV UPDATE SEPT2017 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3460  Sep-26-2017  September 2017 Event TV Update  PPV UPDATE SEPTE 2017 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3459  Sep-26-2017  iND Updates to the Sept 2017 Schedule  9-25-2017 September Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3458  Sep-22-2017  NBA League Pass Preseason Schedule  NBA PreSeason 9-22-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3457  Sep-22-2017  September-October 2017 MLSDK Schedule   MLSDK SEPT-OCT 9-22-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3456  Sep-22-2017  2017 Service Area Update Form  Zipcode_Service Area Update Form.pdf  iNDemand 
3455  Sep-22-2017  NBALP Fall Ops Prep 2017 Info  NBA FALL OPS PREP 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3454  Sep-22-2017  MLBXN Schedule for Sept-Oct 2017  MLB SEPT-OCT Schedule 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3453  Sep-22-2017  MLB Extra Innings 9-20-2017  MLB update 9-20-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3452  Sep-20-2017  End of first simulcast for PPV 9-22-2017 iND  iND PPV Relocation - End of First Simulcast.pdf  iNDemand 
3451  Sep-19-2017  September - October 2017 MLBXI Schedule  MLBXI SEPT-OCTOBER 9-18-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3450  Sep-18-2017  iND Updates to the September 2017 Schedule  9-15-2017 September Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3449  Sep-12-2017  Information for NHL Fall Ops 2017  NHL FALL OPS PREP 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3448  Sep-12-2017  Zipcode/Service Area Changes for 2017  2017 Zipcode_Service Area Update form.pdf  iNDemand 
3447  Sep-12-2017  September 2017 HD PPV2 Update  PPV UPDATE SEPT 2017 HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3446  Sep-07-2017  September 2017 HD PPV2 update  PPV UPDATE SEPTEMBER HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3445  Sep-07-2017  MLBXI Schedule for September 2017  MLB Extra Innings September 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3444  Sep-07-2017  MLB Extra Innings 9-6-2017  MLB update 9-6-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3443  Aug-30-2017  MLBXI Schedule for Aug-Sep 2017  MLB AUG-SEPT Schedule 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3442  Aug-30-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-29-2017  MLB update 8-29-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3441  Aug-25-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule for Aug-Sep   MLB AUG-SEPT 2017 Schedule2.pdf  iNDemand 
3440  Aug-25-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-25-2017  MLB update 8-25-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3439  Aug-25-2017  Aug-Sept 2017 Schedule has been Revised  MLSDK AUG-SEPT 8-24-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3438  Aug-22-2017  August 2017 Update for HD PPV2  PPV UPDATE AUGUST 2017 HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3437  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule for Aug-Sept  MLB AUG-SEPT 2017 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3436  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule   MLB update 8-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3435  Aug-16-2017  MLSDK Schedule for Aug-Sept 2017  MLSDK AUG-SEPT 8-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3433  Aug-16-2017  MLBXI Schedule for Aug-Sept 2017  MLB AUG-SEPT 2017 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3432  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-16-2017  MLB update 8-14-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3431  Aug-11-2017  New Info PPV Channel Reconf n Relocate  iND PPV Relocate Simulcast Info.pdf  iNDemand 
3430  Aug-11-2017  MLBXI Schedule for August 2017  MLB AUGUST SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3429  Aug-11-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-7-2017  MLB update 08-07-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3428  Aug-09-2017  PPV Epic match info 8-26-2017  Mayweather vs. McGregor.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3427  Jul-28-2017  Updates to the August Schedule  iND Updates to the August Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3426  Jul-20-2017  MLS Direct Kick Schedule for July-August  MLSDK JULY-AUG 2017 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3425  Jul-20-2017  MLS Direct Kick Update 07-20-2017  MLS update 07-20-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3424  Jul-17-2017  MLBXI Schedule for July-August 2017  MLB JULY-AUGUST SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3423  Jul-17-2017  MLB Extra Innings 7-17-2017  MLB update 07-17-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3422  Jul-10-2017  iND PPV Relocation IRD n Cisco Equip. 2017  inDemand.pdf  iNDemand 

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