Important Schedule Alerts


Below are the latests schedule alerts that have been received by TSQ Solutions.


Alert ID Date of Alert Title Document name Vendors Affected
3705  May-17-2019  MLSDK May-June 2019 Schedule  MLSDK MAY-JUNE 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3704  May-17-2019  MLS Direct Kick 5-16-2019  MLS update 5-16-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3703  May-17-2019  MLBXI May-June 2019 Schedule  MLB MAY-JUNE 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3702  May-15-2019  MLBXI May 2019 Schedule  MLB MAY 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3701  May-15-2019  MLB Extra Innings 5-14-2019  MLB update 5-14-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3700  May-13-2019  Updates to the May 2019 Schedule  05 09 2019 May Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3699  May-08-2019  MLBXI May Schedule  MLBXI MAY 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3698  May-08-2019  MLB Extra Innings 5-8-2019  MLB update 5-8-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3697  May-08-2019  Playboy HD TV feed information  Playboy TV HD 2 hr. offset.pdf  Playboy 
3696  Apr-30-2019  MLBXI April-May 2019 Schedules  MLB APRIL-MAY 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3695  Apr-30-2019  MLB Extra Innings 4-30-2019  MLB update 4-30-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3694  Apr-26-2019  iND April 2019 Changes  04 26 2019 April Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3693  Apr-30-2019  iND May 2019 Changes  04 30 2019 May Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3692  Apr-10-2019  MLBXI April 2019 Schedule  MLBXI APRIL 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3691  Apr-10-2019  MLB Extra Innings 4-10-2019  MLB update 4-10-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3690  Apr-10-2019  MLSDK April 2019 Schedule   MLSDK APRIL 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3689  Apr-10-2019  MLS Direct Kick 4-10-2019  MLS update 4-10-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3688  Apr-10-2019  NBALP Schedule for April 2019  NBA APRIL 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3687  Apr-10-2019  NBA League Pass 4-9-2019  NBA update 4-9-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3686  Apr-05-2019  MLBXI for April 2019 Schedule  MLB APRIL 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3685  Apr-05-2019  MLB Extra Innings4-3-2019  MLB update 4-3-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3684  Apr-03-2019  MLBXI for April 2019   MLB APRIL 4-3-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3683  Apr-03-2019  April 2019 Event TV HD update  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2019 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3682  Apr-03-2019  April 2019 Event TV update  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2019 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3665  Apr-02-2019  NHLCI Schedule for April 2019  NHLCI APR 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3664  Apr-02-2019  NHL Center Ice 4-2-2019  NHL update 4-2-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3663  Mar-28-2019  PPV Update for April 2019  UFC ANNOUNCEMENT.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3662  Mar-22-2019  MLSDK March-April 2019 Schedules  MLSDK MAR-APR 2019 Schedules.pdf  iNDemand  
3661  Mar-22-2019  MLS Direct Kick 3-21-2019  MLS update 3-21-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3660  Mar-22-2019  NBALP Schedules for March-April 2019  NBA MAR-APR 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3659  Mar-11-2019  PPV Update March 21019 HD PPV2  PPV UPDATE MARCH VUBIQUITY HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3658  Mar-11-2019  Update for March 2019 Vubiquity PPV2  PPV UPDATE MARCH 2019 PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3657  Mar-11-2019  iND Update to the March 2019 Schedule  03 11 2019 March Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3656  Mar-06-2019  MLS Direct Kick Schedule for March 2019  MLSDK MARCH 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3655  Mar-06-2019  MLS Direct Kick 3-6-2019  MLS update 3-6-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3654  Mar-01-2019  NHLCI Schedule for March 2019  NHLCI MARCH 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3653  Mar-04-2019  NHL Center Ice 3-1-2019  NHL update 3-1-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3652  Mar-04-2019  Daylight Saving Time Change  Spring Forward 2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3651  Feb-21-2019  NHLCI Schedule for Feb-Mar 2019  NHL FEB-MAR 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3650  Feb-21-2019  NHL Center Ice 2-21-2019  NHL update 2-21-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3649  Feb-15-2019  NHLCI Schedule for February 2019  NHL FEB 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3648  Feb-15-2019  NHL Center Ice 2-15-2019  NHL update 2-15-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3645  Feb-07-2019  February 2019 Schedule for NHLCI  NHLCI FEBRUARY Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3644  Feb-07-2019  NHL Center Ice 2-6-2019  NHL update 2-6-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3643  Jan-28-2019  Revised Jan-Feb 2019 Schedule for NBA  NBA JAN-FEB 2019 Schedules.pdf  iNDemand  
3642  Jan-28-2019  NBA League Pass 1-25-2019  NBA update 1-25-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3641  Jan-28-2019  Authorization Form for PPV SD  SD PPV Channels Authorization Form.pdf  iNDemand  
3640  Jan-28-2019  Pay Per View Channel Relocation  iND PPV Relocation Simulcast Reminder.pdf  iNDemand  
3639  Jan-25-2019  NHLCI Schedule for Jan-Feb 2019  NHLCI JAN-FEB 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3638  Jan-25-2019  NHL Center Ice 1-24-2019  NHL update 1-24-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3637  Jan-18-2019  NBALP Schedule for Jan-Feb 2019  NBA JAN-FEB 2019 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3636  Jan-18-2019  NBA League Pass 1-18-2019  NBA UPDATE FOR 1-18-2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3635  Jan-18-2019  NHL Center Ice Schedule for Jan-Feb 2019  NHL JAN-FEB Schedule .pdf  iNDemand  
3634  Jan-03-2019  NHL Center Ice Schedule for Dec-Jan  NHL DEC-JAN Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3633  Jan-03-2019  NHL Center Ice 12-31-2018  NHL update 12-31-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3632  Dec-21-2018  Updates to the January Schedule  January 2019 Change for iND.pdf  iNDemand  
3631  Dec-20-2018  Updates to the January 2019 Schedule  iND January 2019 Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3629  Dec-18-2018  Schedule for Dec-Jan for NHLCI  NHLCI DEC-JAN Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3628  Dec-18-2018  Dec-Jan 2019 NBALP Schedule  NBALP DEC-JAN Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3627  Dec-06-2018  Update for December 2018 Event TV  PPV UPDATE DECEMBER 2018 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3626  Nov-30-2018  NHLCI Schedule for Nov-Dec 2018  NHL NOV-DEC 2018 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand  
3625  Nov-30-2018  NHL Center Ice 11-30-2018  NHL update 11-29-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3624  Nov-20-2018  Event TV HD Update for November 2018  PPV UPDATE NOVEMBER EVENT TV HD1.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3623  Nov-20-2018  Event TV update for November 2018a  PPV UPDATE NOVEMBER EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3622  Nov-20-2018  NBA League Pass 11-20-2018  NBALP NOV-DEC 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3621  Nov-15-2018  NHL Center Ice Schedule for Nov-Dec  NHL NOV-DEC 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3620  Nov-15-2018  Event TV HD Update for November 2018  PPV UPDATE NOVMBR EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3619  Nov-15-2018  Event TV update for November 2018  NOVEMBER 2018 EVENT TV Update.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3618  Nov-06-2018  Update for November 2018 Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE NOVEMBER EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3617  Nov-06-2018  November 2018 Schedule for Event TV HD  November_18_Event_TV_HD Schedule.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3616  Oct-29-2018  Standard Time Change 2018  Fall Back 2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3615  Oct-25-2018  NHLCI Schedule for Oct-Nov-2018  NHLCI OCT-NOV 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3614  Oct-25-2018  NHL Center Ice 10-25-2018  NHL update 10-25-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3613  Oct-22-2018  NBALP Schedule for Oct-Nov 2018  NBA OCT-NOV 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3612  Oct-22-2018  NBA League Pass 10-19-2018  NBA update 10-19-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3611  Oct-18-2018  NHLCI Schedule for Oct-Nov-2018  NHL OCT-NOV 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3610  Oct-18-2018  NHL Center Ice 10-18-2018  NHL update 10-18-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3609  Oct-17-2018  MLSDK October Schedule  MLSDK OCTOBER 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3608  Oct-17-2018  MLS Direct Kick 10-16-2018  MLS update 10-16-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3607  Oct-12-2018  Restrictions and Blackout information   NBALP Blackouts 18-19.pdf  iNDemand  
3606  Oct-12-2018  MLS Direct Kick 10-11-2018  MLS update 10-11-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3605  Oct-05-2018  NHL Center Ice 10-4-2018  NHL update 10-4-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3604  Oct-04-2018  iN Demand Affiliates  PPV_Changes_Oct18_rev2.pdf  iNDemand  
3603  Oct-04-2018  iND Updates to the October 2018 Schedule  10 01 2018 October Change.pdf  iNDemand  
3602  Oct-04-2018  NHL Center Ice 10-3-2018  NHL Center Ice Info for 2018-19.pdf  iNDemand  
3601  Sep-21-2018  Preseason Sched NBA League Pass 9-21-2018  NBA PreSeason 9-21-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3600  Sep-20-2018  Zipcode/Service Area Update form  2018 Service Area Update Form.pdf  iNDemand  
3598  Sep-20-2018  NBA Pre Season information  NBA FALL OPS PREP 2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3597  Sep-19-2018  September 2018 MLBXI Schedule  MLBXI SEPT 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3596  Sep-19-2018  MLB Extra Innings 9-18-2018  MLB update 9-18-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3595  Sep-14-2018  iND SD Sports Channnels Discontinued  iND SD Sports Plan for April 2019.pdf  iNDemand  
3594  Sep-14-2018  MLBXI September 2018 Scheduled  MLB SEPTEMBER 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3593  Sep-14-2018  MLB Extra Innings 9-13-2018  MLB update 9-13-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3592  Sep-07-2018  MLBXI for September 2018 Schedule  MLB SEPT 2018 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand  
3591  Sep-07-2018  MLB Extra Innings 9-6-2018  MLB update 9-6-2018.pdf  iNDemand  
3590  Aug-28-2018  MLSDK August-September 2018 Schedule  MLSDK AUG-SEPT Schedule  iNDemand  

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