Important Schedule Alerts


Below are the latests schedule alerts that have been received by TSQ Solutions.


Alert ID Date of Alert Title Document name Vendors Affected
3416  Jun-19-2017  June-July 2017 MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK JUNE-JULY SCHEDULE1.pdf  iNDemand 
3415  Jun-19-2017  MLS Direct Kick Update 06-15-2017  MLS update 06-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3414  Jun-05-2017  PPV Update for June 2017 HD PPV2  PPV UPDATE JUNE VUBIQUITY HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3413  Jun-05-2017  MLBXI Schedule for June has been Revised  Revised MLB JUNE Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3412  Jun-05-2017  MLB Schedule for 6-2-2017  MLB update 06-02-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3411  May-25-2017  May-June 2017 Extra Innings Schedule  MLB MAY-JUNE SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3410  May-25-2017  Revised MLB Extra Innings Schedule  MLB update 05-24-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3409  May-23-2017  Bellator 4K PPV Memo  Bellator 4K PPV.pdf  iNDemand 
3408  May-18-2017  May -June 2017 MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK MAY-JUNE 05-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3407  May-18-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule for May-June  MLB MAY-JUNE 05-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3406  May-15-2017  MLBXI Schedule for May has been Revised  MLB MAY 05 12 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3405  May-15-2017  Update to the May 2017 Schedule  MLB update 05 12 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3404  May-15-2017  iND Update to the May Schedule  05 10 2017 May Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3403  May-04-2017  iND PPV Reconfiguration and Relocation   PPV Reconfiguration and Relocation Info.pdf  iNDemand 
3402  May-01-2017  Introduction and Instructions for Rate Card  Rate Card System.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3401  Apr-28-2017  May 2017 Update for Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE MAY 2017 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3400  Apr-28-2017  May 2017 Update for Event TV  PPV UPDATE MAY 2017 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3399  Apr-27-2017  MLS Direct Kick Schedule for April-May 2017  MLSDK APR-MAY 4-26-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3398  Apr-27-2017  MLSDK Schedule has been Revised  MLS update 4-26-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3397  Apr-21-2017  Revised April-May 2017 MLSDK Schedule  MLSDK APR-MAY 4-19-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3396  Apr-21-2017  MLS Direct Kick Schedule 4-19-2017  MLS update 4-19-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3395  Apr-18-2017  MLBXI Schedule for April-May 2017  MLB APR-MAY Schedule 4-18-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3394  Apr-05-2017  iND Updated to the April 2017 Schedule  iND April 2017 Changes.pdf  iNDemand 
3393  Apr-04-2017  Update for April 2017 Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2017 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3392  Apr-04-2017  Update for April 2017 Event TV  PPV UPDATE APRIL 2017 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3391  Mar-29-2017  iNDemand March 2017 Schedule Update  Updates to the March 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3390  Mar-24-2017  NBALP Schedule for 2017 has been Revised  NBA 2ND Update 3-24-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3389  Mar-24-2017  MLSDK Schedule for March-April 2017  MLSDK March-April 2017 Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3388  Mar-24-2017  MLS Direct Kick Schedule 3-24-2017  MLS Direct Kick 3-24-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3387  Mar-22-2017  Update to the April 2017 Schedule  03 22 2017 April Guide Change.pdf  iNDemand 
3386  Mar-22-2017  Important Rate Card Update  IMPORTANT RATE CARD UPDATE.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3385  Mar-20-2017  NBA League Pass for March-April 2017   NBA League Pass March-April 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3384  Mar-20-2017  NBA League Pass 3-17-2017  NBA League Pass 3-17-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3383  Mar-20-2017  Schedule for March-April 2017 MLSDK  MLSDK March-April 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3382  Mar-20-2017  NHLCI March 2017  NHL Center Ice March Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3381  Mar-20-2017  The 2016-17 NHL Center Ice Schedule   NHL Update for 3-16-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3380  Mar-17-2017  2017 Zipcode Service Area Update Form  Service Area Update Form for 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3379  Mar-17-2017  MLB XI 2017 Operations Information  2017 MLB XI Operations Information.pdf  iNDemand 
3378  Mar-13-2017  Update for March 2017 HD PPV2  PPV UPDATE MARCH 2017 HD PPV2.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3377  Mar-10-2017  NHL Update for 3-3-2017  NHL Center Ice 3-3-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3376  Mar-08-2017  NBALP Schedule for March 2017  NBA League Pass Schedule for March.pdf  iNDemand 
3375  Mar-08-2017  NBA Update 3-1-2017  NBA League Pass 3-1-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3374  Feb-24-2017  NHLCI February-March 2-23-2017  Revised February-March 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3373  Feb-24-2017  NHL Update for 2-23-2017  NHL Center Ice - 2-23-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3372  Feb-22-2017  NBALP February-March Schedule  Feb-Mar 2017 NBA League Pass Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3371  Feb-09-2017  NHLCI for February 2017  Revised NHL Center Ice Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3370  Feb-09-2017  NHL Center Ice Schedule for February   NHL Center Ice 2-9-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3369  Feb-09-2017  HD Sports Channel Expansion  iND HD Sports Expansion 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3368  Feb-09-2017  iNDemand Feb 2017 Change Memo Update  iNDemand February 2017 Update.pdf  iNDemand 
3367  Feb-06-2017  Update for February 2017 Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE FOR FEB 2017 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3366  Feb-06-2017  Update for February 2017 Event TV   PPV UPDATE FOR FEB 2017 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3365  Feb-02-2017  February 2017 Update for Event TV HD  PPV UPDATE FEB 2017 EVENT TV HD.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3364  Feb-02-2017  February 2017 Update for Event TV  PPV UPDATE FEB 2017 EVENT TV.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3363  Feb-02-2017  Update to the February 2017 Schedule  iNDemand February Changes.pdf  iNDemand 
3362  Jan-27-2017  NBALP January-February 2017 Schedule  NBALP Schedule for Jan-Feb 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3361  Jan-27-2016  NBA League Pass Schedule 1-26-2017  NBA League Pass 1-26-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3360  Jan-27-2017  NHLCI for January-February Schedule  NHLCI Jan-Feb 2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3359  Jan-27-2017  NHL Center Ice Schedule 1-26-2017  NHL Center Ice 1-26-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3358  Jan-20-2017  Revised Jan-Feb Schedule for NBALP  NBALP Jan-Feb Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 

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