Important Schedule Alerts


Below are the latests schedule alerts that have been received by TSQ Solutions.


Alert ID Date of Alert Title Document name Vendors Affected
3437  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule for Aug-Sept  MLB AUG-SEPT 2017 Schedule1.pdf  iNDemand 
3436  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings Schedule   MLB update 8-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3435  Aug-16-2017  MLSDK Schedule for Aug-Sept 2017  MLSDK AUG-SEPT 8-15-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3433  Aug-16-2017  MLBXI Schedule for Aug-Sept 2017  MLB AUG-SEPT 2017 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3432  Aug-16-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-16-2017  MLB update 8-14-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3431  Aug-11-2017  New Info PPV Channel Reconf n Relocate  iND PPV Relocate Simulcast Info.pdf  iNDemand 
3430  Aug-11-2017  MLBXI Schedule for August 2017  MLB AUGUST SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3429  Aug-11-2017  MLB Extra Innings 8-7-2017  MLB update 08-07-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3428  Aug-09-2017  PPV Epic match info 8-26-2017  Mayweather vs. McGregor.pdf  VUBIQUITY 
3427  Jul-28-2017  Updates to the August Schedule  iND Updates to the August Schedule.pdf  iNDemand 
3426  Jul-20-2017  MLS Direct Kick Schedule for July-August  MLSDK JULY-AUG 2017 SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3425  Jul-20-2017  MLS Direct Kick Update 07-20-2017  MLS update 07-20-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3424  Jul-17-2017  MLBXI Schedule for July-August 2017  MLB JULY-AUGUST SCHEDULE.pdf  iNDemand 
3423  Jul-17-2017  MLB Extra Innings 7-17-2017  MLB update 07-17-2017.pdf  iNDemand 
3422  Jul-10-2017  iND PPV Relocation IRD n Cisco Equip. 2017  inDemand.pdf  iNDemand 

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